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Advanced COTS RF sensor technology allowing military end-users to exploit the EM environment & achieve spectrum dominance. 

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Since 2007, CRFS has helped integrate RF sensing capabilities into many systems, helping military end users dominate the spectrum. Our partners, including L3Harris, TEKEVER, RAFAEL and Raytheon, have integrated CRFS RF receivers into air defense, border security and coastal surveillance systems, as well as on rotary and fixed-wing ISR drones.  

Passive RF capability allows military end users to monitor the RF spectrum, geolocate targets of interest, and gain actionable intelligence—providing a tactical advantage in a highly contested environment.

CRFS takes a consultative approach with our customers, who value the chance to field-test integrations in a controlled environment. We work with business development, program managers, and test engineering teams to co-engineer tailored integration, training, and deployment solutions designed around operating and mission requirements.  

Ease of integration
Robust system testing
Proactive field support
Advanced passive RF capabilities
Ground-Based Air Defense Capability (GBAD)
Support customers with ISR missions
Multi-domain operational capabilities

Key Benefits

TRL 9 hardware & software solutions with a range of EW applications     

Fixed and tactical RF receivers can be deployed by multiple users across multiple domains. With remote and automated capabilities, militaries can actively monitor spectrum operations and threat targets in real time from one central location.   

A simple path to achieve spectrum dominance    

Achieving spectrum dominance is key to ensuring military superiority. By giving their products passive 3D TDoA capabilities, system integrators can help end users gain valuable spectrum data that can be integrated into C2 systems—providing a tactical advantage.  

Add capability to existing systems  

Fitting existing systems with COTS RF receivers is a robust method of rapidly enhancing the system’s capabilities without having to develop custom solutions from scratch. System integrators can benefit from flexibility, proven performance, support and maintenance, and reduced risk.  

Increase time to market & revenue by adding key spectrum dominance capability  

Using tried-and-tested COTS sensors permits faster development cycles—either bringing a new product to market or modernizing an existing system—and can significantly reduce development and production costs while adding spectrum dominance capability.   

Ease of integration with a fully documented & integrated API 

For bespoke development, customers can leverage CRFS’ APIs (which use a universally recognized format, JSON) to control Nodes via their EMP, GMP, and NCP software. This allows customers to send commands and receive responses based on tailored requirements.  

Dedicated support & training packages for system integrators   

Efficiently incorporating new systems into platforms improves performance and reduces errors. CRFS’ enhanced collaboration ensures we mitigate risks and optimize knowledge transfer—by addressing the how as well as the why. 


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System integration overview

Download our one-page overview demonstrating how CRFS adds advanced spectrum capabilities.


Solutions for System Integrators


CRFS offers a combination of fixed, tactical, and mobile hardware solutions, which can be used as versatile re-deployable systems and without any need for recalibration.    


A comprehensive software suite to monitor, capture, analyze, geolocate and report signals of interest. Our solution provide teams with complete spectrum visibility tools that are complimentary.


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