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Long term I/Q recording & geolocation for hostile environments

The New RFeye SenS Remote

Deployable, high-performance RF receiver with Remote I/Q recorder

The RFeye SenS Remote combines the RF and edge processing capabilities of the RFeye Node together with the high-fidelity I/Q recording and signal extraction of the RFeye SenS family.

The SenS Remote can operate alone, or as part of a normal RFeye Node network and performs all the functions of a RFeye Node (scans, sweeps, geolocations etc.). It can also act as a long-term RF recording system. As disks can be hot-swapped, SenS Remote can record spectrum data indefinitely.

Full rate I/Q streaming

The SenS Remote can stream full rate 100MHz IBW data down an armored fiber optic cable to a COTS storage rack. This capability enables you to record vital RF signals for days on end in order to capture highly sporadic but critical signals.

The weatherproof remote receiver head/s are located as close to the antenna as possible to minimize cable losses. Data from the receivers is streamed via fiber-optic cables to COTS rack-mounted processors and storage media (SAN, NAS or RAID, for example) housed in a building or secure environmental enclosure.

Flexible deployment

Operational uses for SenS Remote, range from border security to EMCON training. Pair SenS Remote with other RFeye Nodes to combine the world class CRFS search and geolocation (TDoA/AoA) functions, with sustained I/Q capture and accurate post analysis tools. A true detect-to-analysis EW/SIGINT solution that uncovers signal pattern-of-life and also adds significant measurable value to the intelligence cycle.
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