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Allowing you to perform more tasks for less, while addressing OPEX & CAPEX challenges with no compromise in measurement accuracy.

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CRFS has helped national regulators find the right solution for their unique OPEX and CAPEX spectrum challenges since 2007. Our proven solutions are innovative and disruptive. They are designed to help monitor, manage, and monetize the spectrum while complying with ITU guidelines.

The RFeye ecosystem is a highly versatile and reliable hardware and software platform, providing essential solutions for real-time spectrum monitoring, interference hunting, geolocation, task automation, major event management, and more. It is a comprehensive monitoring and management solution delivering answers—not just data—at a competitive price.

ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring
Manage frequency allocation and license holders
Measure spectrum occupancy
Toolkit for policing and managing large events
Identify new ways to monetize the spectrum
Address OPEX and CAPEX challenges

Key Benefits

Understand & exploit your EM environment

Enforcing spectrum regulation and ensuring license condition compliance is a challenge. However, real-time spectrum monitoring allows regulators to actively monitor, detect and investigate instances of non-compliance. By identifying unauthorized users or those violating spectrum usage rules, you can ensure fair spectrum usage, take enforcement actions, or issue fines—a significant source of earnings for regulatory agencies.

Measure spectrum occupancy

With ever-increasing demand, the spectrum is heavily congested. Regulators face the huge challenge of ensuring spectrum occupancy is as efficient as possible. By using CRFS’ spectrum monitoring and automated software solutions, regulators can gain insights into who is using what frequency band and when. This facilitates the regulator’s task of monitoring spectrum occupancy and designing spectrum policies. 

Police & manage major events

Major events such as the Olympics and state visits create unique spectrum challenges. Regulators must ensure that security agencies and broadcasters do not interfere with local frequencies and that events run to plan with broadcasting rights observed. CRFS provides fixed and mobile spectrum monitoring solutions (for interference hunting and 2D/3D geolocation) to manage land and airborne risks and ensure major events run safely and seamlessly.

Identify new revenue opportunities

Smart spectrum software management provides regulatory agencies with a dynamic and up-to-date understanding of the spectrum environment. This knowledge helps make informed decisions about spectrum management, including spectrum licensing, spectrum pricing, and spectrum auctions. By using the automated spectrum monitoring software RFeye Mission Manager, regulatory agencies can optimize spectrum use, enhance the efficiency of spectrum allocation processes, and maximize the economic value of the spectrum.

Interference hunting

Rapid time to resolution is critical when it comes to resolving interference issues. The nirvana is predicting and being able to react in real time. CRFS’ solutions give regulatory authorities the tools they need to detect, identify, and geolocate unwanted emitters and interference sources. A unique mixture of traditional and novel techniques can be achieved with the RFeye ecosystem.

Meet OPEX & CAPEX challenges

As government agencies, regulatory bodies are under pressure to do “more with less” both in terms of budget and personnel. However, CRFS solutions align well with reduced OPEX budgets as fewer receivers are needed to provide equivalent coverage, and they use novel data collection techniques to provide data from mobile platforms. Moreover, CRFS solutions’ higher levels of automation and zero annual recalibration directly impact CAPEX.  


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Deployment stories


10 ways to meet OPEX & CAPEX on a budget

An increasing number of services relying on the spectrum means regulators are under pressure to efficiently allocate and manage resources. However, greater demand does not have to lead to increased costs.  


Solutions for regulators


CRFS offers a combination of fixed, tactical, and mobile hardware solutions, which can be used as versatile re-deployable systems and without any need for recalibration.


A comprehensive software suite to monitor, capture, analyze, geolocate and report signals of interest. Our solution provide teams with complete spectrum visibility tools that are complimentary.


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