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Providing actionable RF intelligence in contested electromagnetic environments to help military forces gain spectrum dominance 

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On today’s battlefield, achieving spectrum dominance is key to ensuring military superiority and tactical advantage. To dominate the spectrum, operators must identify and locate a threat by turning real-time signal capture and emitter data into actionable intelligence. 

CRFS technology is deployed by front line forces, on military ranges and bases, and by defense forces conducting critical EW operations and ISR missions. Passive, high-performance RF receivers and recorders can be quickly employed and easily tailored to military end-user and integrator requirements. Our solutions support multi-user, multi-domain missions, enabling spectrum dominance and full EMSO capability across air defense, C-UAS, EMCON, and SIGINT.  

Full spectrum operations capability
Spectrum monitoring 24/7/365
Signal intelligence gathering
DF and geolocation
Forensic signal analysis
Airborne manned / unmanned target monitoring
Multi-domain operational capabilities

Key Benefits

Full spectrum dominance      

Fixed and tactical RF receivers can be deployed by multiple users across multiple domains. With remote and automated capabilities, militaries can actively monitor spectrum operations and threat targets in real time from one central location.   

EMCON visibility & optimization   

Passive RF detectors allow units to ensure they have minimized their electromagnetic signature to the correct level while simultaneously being able to detect enemy emissions. Militaries can maintain communication and situational awareness while minimizing the risk of detection by hostile forces. 

Automated spectrum monitoring on ranges and bases 

Military spectrum managers cannot always be on-site when interference or jamming occurs. However, a “digital spectrum manager” solution enables a single spectrum manager to remotely schedule sensors and automate tasks across multiple bases. 

Real-time detection, capture, & geolocation of OPFOR transmissions 

RF monitoring and geolocation systems can be used simultaneously across multiple domains and on multiple platforms to help detect, identify, capture, and locate RF signals of interest in a range of complex spectrum environments. Captured RF data can be turned into actionable intelligence. 

Radar system augmentation in GBAD 

As active systems, radar EMS signatures create a reverse emitter target. However, 3D TDoA geolocation passively locates aircraft signals and emitters. Geolocations can be streamed in ASTEREIX ATC for easy integration into air defense, border security, ISR, or other operating pictures. 

100% POI signal capture capability   

RFeye DeepView, a forensic signal analysis tool, has 100% POI* capability, ensuring SIGINT operators never miss a signal through enhanced situational awareness and improved target identification.  

*Providing you record the full duration of the signal. 


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Solutions for Military & EW Operators


CRFS offers a combination of fixed, tactical, and mobile hardware solutions, which can be used as versatile re-deployable systems and without any need for recalibration.  


A comprehensive software suite to monitor, capture, analyze, geolocate and report signals of interest. Our solution provide teams with complete spectrum visibility tools that are complimentary.


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