Integrated drone solutions

Lightweight, rugged RF sensors fitted onto drones  

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CRFS integrates ultra-sensitive RF receivers on fixed-wing, free-flying, or tethered drones to increase line-of-sight, allowing teams to geolocate ground-based targets situated beyond the horizon.


Spectrum monitoring 

Drones with integrated RF receivers allow operators to monitor the spectrum flexibly. Rapid deployment into inaccessible or hostile environments and streaming RF data in real-time enables instant analysis and decision-making.

Geolocation & TDoA 

Operating at high altitudes, drones with RF receivers as a payload have an increased line of sight, allowing teams to cover a large land or sea area and geolocate ground-based targets situated beyond the horizon. 

Signal capture & analysis

Using drones for long-duration, wideband recording of signals of interest in high fidelity provides real-time situational awareness. The combination of mobility, elevation, and advanced RF analysis is essential for critical missions. 

Integrated drones


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Deployment 9 Cover


Create a multi-domain network
Increase line-of-sight
Manage TDoA blindspots
360 situational awareness
RFeye sensors are interchangeable (fixed, mobile, in-building deployments)

Solutions for System Integrators


CRFS offers a combination of fixed, tactical, and mobile hardware solutions, which can be used as versatile re-deployable systems and without any need for recalibration.    


A comprehensive software suite to monitor, capture, analyze, geolocate and report signals of interest. Our solution provide teams with complete spectrum visibility tools that are complimentary.

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