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Counter unmanned aerial system
Drone detection

Why modern, automated, non-library based counter unmanned aerial systems are vital

June 20, 2023 |

In December 2018, the closure of Gatwick Airport due to unauthorized drone activity cost airlines $64.5 million. In 2019, rebel groups used drones to...

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Spectrum Monitoring

Why handheld spectrum analyzers are inadequate for mission-critical services

June 15, 2023 |

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, advances in wireless innovations are driving demand for heightened RF spectrum monitoring. More wireless...

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Radio mast
Spectrum Monitoring

RF receiver noise floor and SNR in high-performance spectrum monitoring

June 13, 2023 |

For spectrum monitoring systems, the role of the RF receiver is to capture signal transmissions in their purest form so key data can be extracted by...

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RF spectrum monitoring

The top 5 pitfalls of conventional RF spectrum monitoring

June 8, 2023 |

Thanks to our interconnected world, a contested and crowded radio spectrum makes it increasingly tricky for spectrum managers to ensure unauthorized...

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Launch of Space X rocket

Electromagnetic spectrum monitoring for space; ensuring smooth spaceport operations

June 6, 2023 |

In the rapidly advancing field of space exploration, the role of private and public spaceports has become pivotal. Spaceports serve as launch sites...

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Radio tower emitting RF signals
RF Recording (I/Q) & Signal Capture

The magic of RF demodulation: From RF signals to usable data

June 1, 2023 |

Demodulation is an integral part of all wireless communication, from cell phones and walkie-talkies to TV, radio, and every other device that needs...

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