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Interview With: Sudha Rani-Gunti


Image of interviewee, Sudha Rani-Gunti, software test engineer

Interview With:” is a series of interviews with members of the CRFS team. We try to understand them and the areas they are responsible for in a bit more detail. This time we are talking to Software Test Engineer, Sudha Rani-Gunti.

How long have you worked at CRFS?
Around 4 Months.

What did you do beforehand?
CRFS is my second job since leaving university. I previously worked as a Software Test Engineer for about three and a half years at a FinTech company. I am also currently studying for a master’s degree in Data Science.

Describe your role, what is a day-in-the-life like?
I’ve recently been involved in building a new test automation framework.  It applies test cases to different components of the CRFS solution e.g., Node software, geolocation software. Any bugs are reported back to the development team, and everything is re-tested after the fix is applied. I’m also learning about our other software products such as Mission Manager and RFeye Site in order to write test cases to add to the framework

What do you take into consideration when designing a test plan for a new feature?
Firstly, I need to understand the requirements of the new feature and its impact on the current project.  Then I look at our existing testing tools to see if they would be appropriate, or if I need to make slight adjustments (or even major changes) to make it work effectively. Work is prioritized by how important the feature is to the company and the customer and the effect it has on other systems.

Can you tell us about some of the tools and technologies you use in your role?
I use mostly Visual Studio Code (VSC) for writing automation code, sometimes Postman (API testing). Programming languages are Python and Unit test framework, I’ll use Java for some small tasks and MATLAB libraries for data analysis and visualization.  We also use some of the common tools like JIRA, Gitlab.

What do you most enjoy about working for CRFS?
I like that I am able to work at my own pace and have achievable targets in which to complete the work. It is an open environment where anyone with a valid point can express their opinions and views, management will consider and give value to what you say. Most importantly for me personally is the satisfaction that I am contributing something that will be used by our customers across the globe.

What advice do you have for people looking to join CRFS?
If you have confidence in your skills in, whichever domain you are working in, and passion for what you do, you’ll be fine. Also, have an open mind about the best way to complete the task. In return, you will be able to gain more knowledge and experience and work with a great bunch of people.

And finally, how do you have your coffee?
Hot & dark roast :-)

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