DeepView is our precision signal analysis and extraction tool for RF spectrum data. It makes sifting through terabytes of data to extract signals of interest fast and simple. Normally, DeepView is only available to purchase with the SenS Portable or other CRFS receivers. However, you can now try out the full functionality of DeepView for a whole month, free of charge.

As it is still challenging to get out and meet customers face-to-face, demonstrating a powerful piece of software like DeepView isn’t easy; the customer really needs to experience it for themselves. So, with that in mind, we decided to make the full version of DeepView available to download on a trial basis, and put the tools in your hands. Obviously, without the SenS Portable you won’t be able to record I/Q data with DeepView, but you will have the full analysis capabilities of DeepView to explore, analyze and extract spectrum data.

CRFS DeepView

To help you get the most out of your trial, we have put together some sample data files. These are I/Q files we recorded using the SenS Portable. They can be loaded into DeepView for you to examine and extract signals of interest.  DeepView was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, but to get you up to speed quickly, we have also created a series of “How to” videos. The videos explain the initial installation process and how to use some of the key analysis features. All this is available when you apply for your free trial. There is no requirement to enter credit card details, and no commitment to buy, just download, install and explore.

DeepView will be available to trial for a limited time, so download now in order to see for yourself how DeepView could benefit you and your organization.

Download Your Free Trial