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Image of a law enforcement officer
Spectrum monitoring

Why RF receiver sensitivity is important for law enforcement

September 5, 2023 |

Listening devices used by terrorists and organized crime are discreet, highly intelligent, and incredibly difficult to locate. Even the smallest of...

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Plane passing over a cell tower
Spectrum monitoring

Preventing RF interference from compromising mission-critical services

June 27, 2023 |

Radio Frequency interference (RFI) is unavoidable in a wireless-driven world. All products, devices, and components comprising RF hardware will emit...

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Radio mast
Spectrum monitoring

RF receiver noise floor and SNR in high-performance spectrum monitoring

June 13, 2023 |

For spectrum monitoring systems, the role of the RF receiver is to capture signal transmissions in their purest form so key data can be extracted by...

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RF spectrum monitoring

The top 5 pitfalls of conventional RF spectrum monitoring

June 8, 2023 |

Thanks to our interconnected world, a contested and crowded radio spectrum makes it increasingly tricky for spectrum managers to ensure unauthorized...

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Radio tower emitting RF signals
RF recording & signal capture

The magic of RF demodulation: From RF signals to usable data

June 1, 2023 |

Demodulation is an integral part of all wireless communication, from cell phones and walkie-talkies to TV, radio, and every other device that needs...

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Engineer checking a cellular tower
Spectrum monitoring

Radio frequency interference (how to find it and fix it)

May 4, 2023 |

There is a plethora of wireless-enabled devices, broadcasters, cellular technologies, Bluetooth/ZigBee/Wi-Fi/ Z-Wave/IEEE protocols, together with a...

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